What Do You Hunt For? | Disseminating Waxing Crescent in Gemini

What Do You Hunt For? | Disseminating Waxing Crescent in Gemini

What Do You Hunt For?

I use my imagination to conjur up the feelings I would have if I lived in a total state of grace. I imagine and I let myself believe, to know, that this is what the Creator had in store for all of It’s Creation. Grace, not just when we have left our physical bodies and ascend into the “heavenly realms”, and not when we have performed some noble action, and not even when we believe ourselves to have deserved it, but now, in this present moment. Can it be as simple as a choice we choose, and keep choosing? 

We have moved into the season of release and surrender. Autumn reminds us that fruitfulness isn’t a constant, we keep only what is necessary and go inside, in these darker seasons.  When I am perplexed by my choices and behaviors and that of others, I understand it is easy to move in life from our pain and brokenness, and then react to ourselves and others from this vantage point. If I am in the practice of allowing myself to live in a state of grace, I can more easily extend that to another, harder to do if I haven’t given it to myself first. 

In retrospect I am realizing a pattern, this season has been a very powerful one for me of transformation through loss and release. I was born in the season of autumn, and one thing I have learned in life, is that letting go of what I think I need and want, has been a requirement, not a choice. In the winter of 1976, I gathered up a few things and moved to Moscow, Idaho. I was such a wounded kid, trying to find my place in the world with no support. A year later I met my life partner, and he has supported me in every way. In the autumn of 1986, we moved our family from Idaho to Seattle. We gathered up our meager belongings and without work, or a place to call home, we headed into a new life, trusting that we would land on our feet. Moving in the autumn wasn’t easy, leaving the familiar, even when it is painful, is difficult. 

But we knew progress requires letting go. And then it was time to move from the familiar again and in the same season we moved back to Idaho.

We named our home here Hunter Moon Homestead. The moving truck arrived here as the October full Moon rose up over the house. We begin our 5th year here in just a few days. This full moon, this season, is a reminder to prepare for winter. Hunt for grace, because being human is a challenge, hunt for gratitude because the crops of your life’s work have been harvested for now, hunt for transitions because staying the same is death, and hunt for going inside because diving deep is where you find the seeds for planting for the next season.

Happing hunting my friends.