Hunter Moon Homestead Journal

Balancing Lunar Influences of Virgo & Pisces | Micro Full Moon in Virgo
When we have a full moon, it is an opportunity, every month to work with the opposing energies of the sun and the moon. Pisces energies are internal, subterranean, spiritual, intangible, ethereal. The Virgo energies are pragmatic, grounded, tangible, detailed, in service to other. During this full moon, we are being asked to integrate this seeming dichotomy. What opposites teach us, if we are willing to see the lesson, is that identifying with one extreme leads to imbalance. Walking the middle road between the extreme, leads to a more balanced point of view.
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Artists at work in the studio at Hunter Moon Homestead
Our interests and beliefs are formed from our life experiences and so no group or organization will give you everything you need to feel completely supported in connection with it. It might even be highly beneficial for us to have our beliefs challenged at times. It can be too easy to not question our beliefs to see if they truly match our evolution. It may be good to consider other points of view and to question if our “truths” actually came from our own unique knowingness, or if our minds have been indoctrinated by family, friends, or community.
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Potential vs Fear of the Unknown | Gibbous Moon in Gemini
The prospect of possibility is exciting to me and it helps me shift my thoughts toward what is possible over worrying about what might or might not happen. Along with these intentions, I try to leave a very large dose of surrender to what is best for my highest spiritual good, knowing I can't always see and know what Spirit would want for me. 
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Lillies in a vase with sunlight

Christmas is about family, generosity, and celebrating the birth of the divine, being channeled through a human form. We are so loved that God gives us the opportunity to connect the mysteries in ourselves by following the teachings of Christ and those like Him.

For so many this holiday with family can be a challenge. We have memories tied up with unmet expectations, trauma, and old tapes that seem to repeat over and over. I have hope for myself that I can find the absolute joy of this season and practice self-love and forgiveness for my family patterns and dynamics that would keep me sad and disappointed.

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