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We're putting together a stunning lineup of workshops for the 2025 season featuring artists from around the world. Be the first to hear about upcoming events by signing up below.

The gazebo set or dinner during an art retreat

Thank You!

"I feel lucky to have seen the beginning of the dreams of Hunter Moon Homestead in late 2021 while I was on a cross-country trip. It was obvious that Kate and Rick had a compelling vision and because I had seen their mercantile in Seattle, I knew they would have a creative, beautiful aesthetic. I told them I’d be back.

But truly, nothing can prepare you for how you will be greeted and held by the dream that is Hunter Moon: gorgeous lodgings, delicious, artfully-prepared meals, deeply meaningful creative spaces, wide open skies. Everything about the place and the people is nourishing, inspiring, and deeply grounding.

I brought my client here to finish his collection of poetry, and it was the perfect space for us both to be inspired, nourished, and loved, by the land, the energy, and the great care with which Kate and Rick welcomed us. We had birdsong, fresh artisan food, and enough time to follow a creative idea and conversation all the way to the end."

-Libby Wagner, Seattle WA

Interested In Teaching At The Homestead?

If you're an exceptional creative that loves sharing your craft, we welcome you to apply as a workshop guide. Drop us a line below and tell us about your experience or email us directly at hello@huntermoonhomestead.com.

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