Visualizing A Spiritual Sanctuary | Full Moon in Gemini

Full moon

There is a canyon that separates how I want to be and where I perceive myself. Why do I aspire to sainthood? It sounds ridiculous. There is a feeling I imagine living in; I have a large view of whatever is before me. I can see and understand what is necessary, where it came from, why it is there, and what to do. I stay centered in a place of love and giving. I am nurtured by a source that is infinitely giving, my cup is always full. Forgiveness and love and mercy are constant, not just for others, but for myself as well. Everything is in perfect order, there is no need to judge.

I am not bound to any other soul, I am only responsible for my own point of view. I have my unique story, as others do. Sometimes the stories clash and other times the stories harmonious, but always the stories are necessary and lead us to truer and deeper aspects. This is accepted without angst or regret.

The full moon fills my room and is amplified by the light snow that floats from the skies. I am surrounded by rolling hills and pine trees, it is a sanctuary of peaceful quiet. The full moon shines its light into the shadows of my consciousness. I want to talk it all out, I want to tell my story and understand yours, I live with people who are content without spilling words. I am here to tell you mine. I am here to go deeply into the words that tell the stirrings of my heart. I want my words to plant seeds in your open mind. We can have a garden of white flowers that shine in the light of the moon. Tell me your story. Tell me what you are afraid to tell yourself. Tell me of your darkest fears and your deepest longings. And I will tell you mine.