Full Moon in Virgo | Keeping A Moon Journal

Moon image

Those that follow the moon say it is a good practice to write down your intentions on the new moon phases. These little seed ideas, dreams, and desires, get planted into the deep unconscious where they soak in the darkness of the deep within our consciousness and germinate to sprout when the moon becomes full. A gift to oneself is to track over the days, months, and years, these ideas as inspirations that are written out in words, given form in our imaginations, and finally into manifestation in the physical. A life plays out, and what comes from the inspiration of intention into actualization can be tracked as surely as you can track your weight or blood pressure. Imagine a lifetime of seed plantings, blessed by the silvery goddess of the night skies, written down and considered. A map of sorts, a pragmatic documentation of inspiration, given birth through the imagination. The moon has the power to pull on the tides of the oceans. What is the power of the pull in our own salty, watery substances? 

I say a pretty mighty power!

The moon is the mother archetype of the skies, and, like all good mothers, she wants us to become our best selves. She encourages us to own our feelings, and to use our feelings consciously. When feelings are buried, not owned and honored, they can become dark shadows that are projected onto other’s screens, so that we can see them. Taking ownership of the shadow, that we all possess, can be horrifying. But keeping the shadow buried, will cause it to come out in dark dreams, unwelcomed emotional outbursts, and depression. Look at the behaviors you judge in others, the observations you find intolerable and unacceptable. Then look within, for you have most likely projected your unclaimed darkness on another. That is not to say that the other hasn’t also done the same on you! 

 Antidotes for your own unclaimed shadow, and those of others, is forgiveness and compassion. A dialog can be of great use as well. Giving voice to the unclaimed, broken, angry, aspects of the self can give great insight into our buried treasures. When I have taken the time and effort to listen to the shadow, always there is a need, or a desire, for healing that has been unclaimed or unheard. Our shadows are born of our wounds, real or imagined. There is a desire for self-protection in response to our immature response to pain. Going into the pain and asking what it is wanting, and listening from the heart, the responses are enlightening and profound. What these unclaimed dark parts of ourselves always want is to grow up and come into the light of acknowledged awareness. They want to be healed. 

 If you keep a moon journal, or if you want to start one, write down your intentions, wishes, and desires on the new moon. New moons are a good time to get quiet and go within. New moons nourish unborn dreams and ideas.  New moons are also good for doing some shadow work. On the full moon, you revisit your new moon list. When the moon is full, it is a time of completion and endings. What needs more time to come to fruition can get added again to the new moon intentions. Humans are powerful creators. Our intentions and imaginations are how we manifest our desires in the world. Getting in the habit of using the rhythms of the moon cycles to be more conscious about what you want in your life can be a very powerful and worthwhile practice.