New Moon in Sagittarius | Re-Writing Rituals To Benefit Our Health

Photo of a ritual performed. Incense being lit and crystals.


A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

A series of actions or a type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.

Actions done in accordance with custom or normal protocol. 

A ceremony in which the actions and wording follow a prescribed form and order.

The body of ceremonies or rites used in a place of worship by an organization.

An act or series of acts done regularly or repeated in a set or precise manner. 
Our sweet daughter is getting married next summer and this has me thinking a lot about how I participate in rituals that are largely unquestioned. I am asking myself how I participate in habitual rituals everyday, monthly, and seasonally. I am reviewing certain actions, thoughts, and words, and making sure that they are indeed in alignment with my truth. When, if ever, have you taken a mental inventory or investigation of your current rituals - both your daily rituals or the rituals that you practice that have a spiritual/religious base?

Most rituals have a historical component that may at the time make sense for that period and the culture from which they sprang from, but many may not currently match a more evolved perspective or point of view. If I look at the definitions, any action done regularly, and repeated in the same manner, becomes a ritual. Our actions can very often speak more loudly than our words, and so, might I be well served in taking a deeper look at my chosen practices?

Mindfulness and self reflection have always been important to me. I want to be the kind of person who works on self improvement. What has come to my attention recently is how easy it is to fall into the habit of complaint. It might not seem like a ritual, but if I look again at the definition of ritual, a habit of complaining is indeed ritualistic for some. I try to catch myself when I hear it and make a concerted effort to change my point of view. When I hear it in others, I try to pivot the conversation. Complaining, I believe, is a form of anger, and forgiveness of the person, or the situation, or the circumstances, is helpful to shift that negative direction.

Woman sits with a singing bowl for meditation
Every morning at the same time I take from 30-60 minutes to read spiritual text and make a connection with the loving Power that is my source and maker. This is a ritual I have practiced for many years now, and I rarely miss a day. With this daily practice, I feel more aligned with what is important to me and I can more easily surrender to the grace that guides my every moment. This is a ritual that is most valuable to me and that I will continue. 

Over the past few years, and most especially this past year, I have become more aware of how I had let having a cocktail every evening become a habit. I looked forward to the taste and many times, especially when I had a difficult day, I used the ritual drinking as a way of coping. I decided about 6 months ago to stop the daily drinking and see if I could find alternative delicious beverages to support relaxation and health promoting ingredients. I am happy to report that I feel better in making that choice and I don't miss the daily alcohol consumption. I notice as I get older that making healthy choices in my daily rituals has contributed to an overall sense of wellbeing and gives me more energy and vitality. It has been difficult for me to make time consistently to exercise. I have been looking for something I could do daily that wouldn't take up too much time and yet be effective in helping me build muscle and burn calories.

Rebounding has become a new daily ritual that has so many unexpected health benefits. It is easily something I can do daily to make huge health benefits. Here is a list of reasons to add the daily ritual of rebounding to your day.
Rebounding Trampoline Exercise

Reasons to add rebounding to your daily rituals

1. If done in the morning before any meal, it starts the mechanisms that burn calories for many hours after exercise (fat burning).
2. Builds muscle and bone density without lifting weights.
3. Builds a network of strong capillaries and enhances circulation (reduces varicose veins).
4. Moves and flushes the lymphatic system.
5. If done as a high intensity workout, it increases HGH, slowing down the aging process.
6. Strengthens the core and helps with balance and coordination.
7. Supports pelvic floor health.
8. Low impact on the joints.

I hope that you might take some time to reflect on the rituals of your daily life and make some shifts to more mindful daily practices. Good health and happiness to you all.