Potential vs Fear of the Unknown | Gibbous Moon in Gemini

Potential vs Fear of the Unknown | Gibbous Moon in Gemini

Our bodies are sensitive energetic enclosed systems.

Our energetics are influenced by every other energetic that surrounds us. Everything in existence has a sound vibration. These vibrations are either harmonious or disharmonious in their resonance. Healthy cells, working together for the wellbeing of the entire system, are said to be in homeostasis. The air we breathe, the foods we eat, and even the thoughts we let ourselves think add to the health or dis-ease of our bodies.

In another lifetime I worked as a nutrition and wellness coach with a specialty in biofeedback. Biofeedback is a wonderful way to retrain the body to shift patterns of stress. One of the most powerful things I learned from my training is that stress is a MAJOR contributing factor to ALL disease processes. I find it helpful to ask what most contributes to stress in my life, and is there anything I can do to shift or release what is currently causing me vexation.
For me, one of the most stressful things in my life is the unknown. When I feel at the whims of fate, not having a project or direction, I feel anxious. I find that the beginning of a new year is a great time to work with setting goals and making a list of things that I wish to accomplish for the coming year. I have found over the years that writing down my thoughts and intentions, and then rereading them often and making adjustments, is very helpful in shifting my uneasiness of the unknown in my life.
Writing in a journal

Goals For The New Year

This year some of the aspirations I am entertaining are, finishing my memoir/cookbook, hosting full art retreats, traveling abroad to teach art, finding new art teachers for our retreats in 2025, more studio time creating art, hosting Sunday open studio days for artists and creatives in my community, daily forgiveness practices, build a new garden space in the back of our house and plant more trees, finding more ways to reach more lovely beings who would find joy in my offerings, and entertaining the possibility of restoring our big barn and finishing up projects on our house.
I may accomplish none of these things or all of these things. What matters is that my intentions are going toward paving a path of possibility. The prospect of possibility is exciting to me and it helps me shift my thoughts toward what is possible over worrying about what might or might not happen. Along with these intentions, I try to leave a very large dose of surrender to what is best for my highest spiritual good, knowing I can't always see and know what Spirit would want for me. 
The lists I make are flexible and I make constant adjustments to them over the course of the year. As I am able to accomplish goals, I give myself a star on the goal I have met. This simple action gives me a visual reward that seems to build on success! As each goal is accomplished or leads to other goals, I let myself daily feel deep gratitude for the ability to manifest, and the manifestation. Gratitude and contentment are very powerful prayers and they build on success.
What are your 2024 goals, my friends? And, is there anything I could do to help you in your own manifestations?