Awaken, it's Spring! | Full Super Moon Eclipse in Aries

Awaken, it's Spring! | Full Super Moon Eclipse in Aries

Have any of you ever wondered why we don't consider the month of April to be the true beginning of the new year? Spring, in my thoughts, is the birth of life and nature, and it feels so much like coming out of the slumber and rest of winter. In the spring our energy rises up with a renewed vigor to begin a new year, a new cycle, a new refreshed point of view. 

Fresh spring blossoms in the Hunter Moon Homestead kitchen

In Chinese medicine, the spring season is ruled by the liver/gallbladder and the energy is considered to be that of a "General" that governs the body's flow of qi (life force). Fierce and authoritative, the energy of spring has us charging forward with a new beginning, the start of a new chapter in our lives. April and Aries season reminds us that it is important to know ourselves as individuals first, before we can be healthy in any kind of relationship.

In astrological terms, April is Aries season and is ruled by Mars. The Mars/Aries energy is one of action, self-individualization, and honoring what we are willing to fight for. It is a pioneering and adventurous nature.  For those of you who follow the celestial heavens, on Monday we will all collectively be experiencing a total solar eclipse, in the sign of Aries. This particular eclipse is a very intense one. In the sky, the sun is in close proximity to Chiron (the wounded healer), the moon (our emotional nature), and the North Node (new beginnings), all in the sign of Aries.

I am feeling grateful for surviving another winter. I hope the following contemplations might help you navigate the Solar Eclipse and have you coming out of it empowered.

Contemplations for the Lunar Eclipse in Aries

I offer you a few things to ponder for this powerful solar eclipse:

  • What past hurts/wounds are holding me back from moving forward in my life and being the best version of myself?
  • What unresolved anger/frustration needs to be released and forgiven?
  • How can I honor the current version of myself and move forward in my life with confidence and grace?
  • How do I make other people’s feelings more important than my own?
  • What parts of myself do I project on to others rather than owning them for myself?