Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo



We have a now familiar pattern. Leave Seattle after work on Thursday, trying to get to the highway leading out of Seattle before rush hour traffic is at a standstill. The days grow increasingly shorter and shorter and we find we are driving in the dark just over an hour or so into the drive east.

This trip, my goal is to pry up all of the staples from the floors in the living room left behind from removing the carpet. We are expecting our friend Maryann Forman, who will drive over Saturday afternoon for a quick visit.

She arrives around 2:00pm and we show her around for a bit and we finish up the staple removal in the living room. She reminds me that it is OK to ask for help. She says, “You do so much, and you never invite others in to help you.” This is a reminder that I take to heart. This is a pattern I am ready to change. I am tired that evening and she makes a bed on the floor for me of moving blankets and rubs my tired feet. I want to cry from the sweetness of her visit and the loveliness of her gesture. That night we sleep well.