Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius


Rick and I wake around 6:30. I can see 4 large masses in the field east of the house. They are too far away initially to be certain of their species, but as they get closer I can see it is a group of quite large raccoons. I am sure they have their rounds. Maybe they seek out the veg scraps I have been putting out for compost? 

Jessie makes a batch of flakey biscuits to go with a pork hash (left over pork tacos) for breakfast. Eating with these two in the kitchen is a pleasure. We wash up dishes and back outside for more of the same. Rick demos the “front” porch, the wood is rotten and full of bugs. For some reason the “front” of the house is actually the back of the house. Talks of raising the house for a foundation (the house sits on post and pier), and turning it so the actual front of the house faces as you approach, makes the most sense to us. The pile of debris from the Bee House continues to grow. Rick heads off to the dump and to the hardware store for yard tools and a wheelbarrow. 

We all pull ourselves away from our projects around 4:00 to shower. We have a dinner reservation in town tonight, at Lodgepole. We stop at Nectar to have a drink at the bar and then do a driving tour through the campus at U of I. There are so many memories flooding into my mind being here after so many years. I never lived on campus, but I had many friends who did.

Wednesday March 27, 2019

Rick spends the day up in the attic spraying foam in as much of the cracks as he can reach. It is the hope that we can seal out pests and keep the insulation up in the floor as we tear off the old wall papers to expose the ship lap. He vacuums up more dust and mouse shit in prep for the insulation.

I spend the day raking up debris and starting to remove the rose brambles what have overtaken the house.

Thursday March 28, 2019

Moscow Building Supply Co. arrives at 8:00 to install insulation in the attic. Jessie and Jake get ready to depart. We all drive to Pullman to have brunch at Old European Cafe. So much eating, indulging, in the pleasure of food and company the early part of the week. We part ways just before noon. 

All day I have thoughts of feeling alone. To go from a festive celebration of working, cooking, music, eating, card playing… to an empty house, has me feeling blue. I enjoy so much the community spirit of working and playing together. Feeling older and isolated is a concern. I need to find comfort in the solitude too. Letting my inner spiritual work be the nectar that fills me up and keeps me contented. I grieve for my broken family, for loss of kinship and a community that one can count on. Rick and I have been lone wolves most of our lives. I seek a balance of connection and isolation, and an easy dance between the two.