Waxing Moon in Sagittarius

Waxing Moon

I open an email sent from Rick. On the screen I see a view of a property from above, the image of lush green and a large body of water shocks me. I look closer and I see it is in Idaho.

My first thought is, 'No way;' my second thought is, 'Why not?' and so I reply… “Why not?”

Little Bear Farm

I call him and say, “This property has everything we asked for!” I felt a connection to this place, even before we visited. Rick called one of the realtors listed on Zillow and we made arrangements to come for a quick visit. She told us “Yes, come now.” There was already an over full price offer on the place, but it was contingent on them selling their house. We made arrangements to fly to Moscow the next weekend.

One day before our departure date we got a call from our realtor, informing us that the family had decided to pull the property off of the market, she would keep in touch with us when or if things changed. I was disappointed for sure, not to mention the $400 dollars we lost on plane tickets and hotel reservations. But, I couldn’t get the image of the property off of my mind, and I continued to stay hopeful.