Solstice Goal Setting | Winter Full Moon in Cancer

Solstice Goal Setting | Winter Full Moon in Cancer

Solstice time of year has always been such a powerful time for me.

The darkness abounding, takes me inside, where dreams are made and seeds await germination.

Seed planting, visualizing, dream weaving, desire lists, and setting intentions, have long been powerful tools of creation for me. At Solstice each year, we would hold our family meetings. Discussions of what we wanted to accomplish as a unit for the upcoming year were our objective. We are all powerful creative types and it seemed that what we put our minds to, came to pass. Our creations were not always easy. They were not always profitable, or sustainable. But with each creation we learned a great deal. Sometimes our choices brought us closer together and sometimes they drove wedges into the weakest parts of ourselves and the bonds we had with each other.

This homestead began with a discussion we all had together. We wanted a respite from the city life. A place to come home to, surrounded by nature, and a place to heal and renew ourselves. A place we could share with old friends and new. We sat down at the table with a large sheet of paper, and we all contributed to the list of things that would make the place, that we were creating in our minds, the perfect place for us. Notable on our list were the following:

  • house and outbuildings 

  • clean well water

  • spring, creek, or pond water

  • unobstructed views               

  • quiet

  • nice neighbors, not too close

  • wildlife

  • fertile soil

  • good sun exposure

  • orchard

  • native plants

  • woodland and pastures

  • 5 to 25 acres

  • pasture

  • good energy

  • affordable

  • easy drive to town

Our list hung in the kitchen with a few images clipped from magazines or Pinterest. I would stop often and read down the list, picture myself there, and let myself enjoy the feeling of it.