Balancing Lunar Influences of Virgo & Pisces | Micro Full Moon in Virgo

Balancing Lunar Influences of Virgo & Pisces | Micro Full Moon in Virgo

We are ending our annual zodiac calendar this month with the sign of Pisces. This Friday we will have the full moon in the sign of Virgo. When we have a full moon, it is an opportunity, every month to work with the opposing energies of the sun and the moon. This month we are observing the Virgo-Pisces tension, in that they are opposite in their operation or expression.

A Dichotomy Of Influence

Pisces energies are internal, subterranean, spiritual, intangible, ethereal. The Virgo energies are pragmatic, grounded, tangible, detailed, in service to other. During this full moon, we are being asked to integrate this seeming dichotomy. What opposites teach us, if we are willing to see the lesson, is that identifying with one extreme leads to imbalance. Walking the middle road between the extreme, leads to a more balanced point of view.

Virgo wants to be in service, sometimes over its own comfort and wellbeing. It overrides its own needs in order to be in service of the needs of others. Virgo misses nothing! This sign has a challenge to slow down and look for the big picture overall of the uncountable details. Virgo feels comfort in the physical world, tending to all of the physical demands of life, and has a need to do all of it quickly, methodically, and precisely. Virgo dislikes waste.

Pisces wants to escape from the world of form into the formless. It finds comfort in the internal world of imagination, fantasy, and escapism. The Pisces realm is deep and unconscious, emotional and spiritual. Pisces lives in a dream state, exercising its creative imagination, and existing quite comfortably in the world of unformed potential. Pisces leads with emotion, and can have difficulty separating self from other. Pisces feels everything.

A full moon rises over snowy mountains

Finding Balance

This full moon asks us to observe how we can integrate these two energies into ourselves and move through life from a balance of both. Virgo energies become out of balance when we work to exhaustion, when we don’t take breaks and rest, when we let ourselves be overwhelmed by all of the minute details of our lives, when we don’t self-prioritize, when we ignore our needs over the needs of other, and when work becomes the most important thing.

Pisces becomes imbalanced when we retreat into our inner lives and ignore our physical commitments or when we use alcohol or drugs, or spend too much time with tv or social media to escape our physical reality, when we let others shoulder the burdens of daily demands, when we ignore our physical responsibilities, and when we let others make decisions for us that would be best made for ourselves.

So, where is the middle road between these two opposite energies? Integrating the best of both into our daily rituals and routines may help us find the center of the two. I have talked in other posts about how I start my day with 30 to 60 minutes of reading spiritual text, writing in my journal, and touching in with my intuition. Oftentimes, almost miraculously, my intuitive or emotional body will be reflected in the reading material. There is a lovely connection between the spiritual and emotional that is reflected, which affirms my spiritual connection. This is such a powerful example of a Pisces phenomenon.

Virgo likes to see goals accomplished. At the end of my contemplation session, I oftentimes make a list of things I would like to see accomplished for the day, week or month. Having a list is soothing to the Virgo energy, especially when having a focus, assists in organizing my time and attention.

Bringing spirit (Pisces) into mundane tasks (Virgo) can also be a powerful blending of these energies. As I begin my task, I have a mental image (Pisces) of surrendering my work (Virgo) to God (Pisces).

I hope this helps you find your own ways to bring the opposing full moon energies of Virgo and Pisces together to create more balance and harmony in your lives. Moderation in all things my friends!