Hunter Moon Homestead Journal

The art of book making with Altered States Studio

What do you think it is about your specific style and the way you approach your work that is so appealing to a larger audience? Sometimes I feel like it really is that I'm a Problem Solver. Sometimes I work myself into some kind of issue I'm like “oh that is not so good right there,” but I feel like anything can be fixed. We can just glue or tape or paint over it. We should not be afraid to embrace all of it. In paintings, they go through kind of an ugly phase. If just you embrace that and forge on, and know that in the end, the only person that really needs to care is you.

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Watercolor Portrait by Deanna Strachan Wilson

For those of you who missed our Instagram Live conversation with Deanna about how art helps her create balance and find rest and why beginners don't need to be intimidated by portraiture, here's a snapshot of our interview.

"For me, teaching is about seeing the student have the 'aha' moment, something clicks for them.  I’m very relaxed in my teaching.  I often tell myself 'it’s okay' when I’m not happy with something along the way.  I share that with my students.  It’s okay.  It’s about showing up and trying.  Getting out of our comfort zone, being vulnerable, and getting to a place where we say, 'hey, I made this, it felt great, I want to do it again!'."

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Waning Gibbous Moon
There is at least 5 inches of snow on the ground here at the homestead. It has melted and frozen many times over the past several weeks, and walking through it is almost impossible. What lies under it is the potential for spring, the bursting of life, but not quite yet.It might do all of us well to remember that we are nature, as much as we forget to include our humanness as part of the whole.
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Balsamic Moon in Sagittarius | A Solstice Letter
We hope you will venture our way in 2023 and let us gift you with some of our nurturing love. And we want to tell you all how much we love and appreciate you. From our family here to your families wherever you are, have a blessed and peace filled Holiday.
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Silhouette of trees by Lisa Fotios
No! It really can’t have been over a year since I have last posted our progress. Time is a tricky concept. There is never enough of it, as it rushes by relentlessly. It never really seems to matter how hard...
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